Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Going Home Alone Tonight

I say I’m not that lonely, but now I live alone

A raven beauty asked me, if she could use my phone

Engulfed in her foreboding eyes, her unforgiving smile

Another round of drinks I say, I‘m staying for a while.

I’m glad with the encounter, a companion for a night

She acts as if it’s meant to be, and so the feelings right

I act like I am thirty; she knows that I’m not

We sit together drinking, no questions, time forgot

She drinks away my money, a round of machine gun shots

Long stares into each others face, if this is all you got

I reach back into memory, to order up a round

Not wanting to believe this time, was something I had found

Last call comes way to early, toast beers to say goodbye

Stories bring tears in rainfalls, but it’s way too late to cry

The touch of a hand so warm and soft, but no ones left at home

A kiss goodbye, what could have been, but now we wander on

Our faces stare as if we knew, there could have been a way

To start again, a different time, but just another day

The darkness creeps around the look as it begins to fade

The time was brief, but the time was right, there’s nothing else to say

I’m going home alone tonight, the writings on the wall

She didn’t really matter. it was just another call

To a time when time was what it was, but quickly slipped away

The sun comes up and wakes the dream, another lonely day.