Thursday, February 3, 2011

Painting Underground

I found this an interesting story for several reasons. I believe under every city are remnants of a bygone time, the stepping-stones of the civilization who lives above. Like life, layers of forgotten struggles that culminate into the present, yet still bubbling underground like a volcano. 

In this story, adventures, explorers, historians and the curious travel under the streets of Paris, France to exam the remains of limestone quarries left as ruins of history beyond view. 

The report caught my ear due to a scary aspect of climbing into the darkness of miles of tunnels with no direction. I’m an not even close to that sort of chance taker or a spelunker (though I like the sound of that world. Have you been spelunked today?) But I appreciate the risk takers who will venture where the sane minded will never go.

What stopped my tracks was the discovery of paintings on the walls of these age old man built caves.

I understand a blank space is a canvas of an artist, but here underground where a lighted helmet is the only source of rational reflection; some one or ones are painting in the darkness. 

Painting, being an art to express feelings or record of surroundings are usually view to be appreciated, yet here below ground where no one may ever appreciate, artist are creating works of art. 

Much like writing a book that no one will ever read or composing music for the deaf; this act of expression will go unnoticed perhaps forever (sans for this radio report). 

I understand the overwhelming power to create, but my mind wanders to the prehistoric cave paintings. Our species evolves through expression and the arts cultivate this freedom.

Time to clean the brushes.

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