Saturday, March 19, 2011

Putting God on the speed dial

It is a remarkable place we live on.

I'm not a member of any faith based organization or club. I don't have anything against those who want to gather to study and discuss their personal feelings, I just have a different sence of what fulfills me.

While I wander the same paths everyday, I see in amazement everyday something new is happening.

No more so than Spring.

Shaking off the cold and damp feeling of winter with it's dark clouds and sheltered feeling, the sun appears and warms the air. The stark silhouettes of bare branches soften with a fuzz.

The ground breaks the ice and steely gray with stalks of green. They just appear. No one dug then and place them there, they just start like an alarm has gone off.

Then with a pallet no artist could imagine, the landscape is full of color swaying in warm breezes. Those breezes that you want to hold inside as long as possible.

And the air is filled with music. Happy sounds of the creatures who have been asleep or away for such a time reappearing to welcome the season.

And walking is more than taking a hike. The paths seems soft after a spring rain like a foretelling of the cushion of green about to carpet our way.

Watching a kitten jump and run after the first insect in pure innocence then wondering if the bug is a fearful prey or just flying about knowing it is out of reach and much to fast.

So say goodbye to the cold and dark of winter and step out into the sunshine.

That's putting God on your speed dial.

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Jim said...

Nice! Well-written bro! I had no idea you could paint with words so well. I liked this one from start to finish, and I feel blessed (and somewhat refreshed) for having read it.