Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What were we talking about?

Oh yeah, I remember.


That’s what we were talking about. Why would we talk about anything else?

“ME” am what I bring to a conversation. It’s the only subject I know because “ME” is all I know.

Sure, projections and perceptions may present the appearance of someone, but there is only one of ME.

If we start the conversation off with “How are you?” or “How have you been?” to are asking ME to answer the question.

YOU may not like or understand or even care about an answer, but it is an easy come-on to start a conversation.

Then when the conversation gets a little more personable about “How is the family?” or “How is work?” or “How is your love life?” the question comes to “How much do you really want (or need) to know?” or “Do I tell YOU about ME?

Then again, when the subject shifts to YOU and your health, wealth, and life experiences YOU wish to share, all I can reply is what has happened that was similar to ME.

This is what I think about that” or “This is what happened to me in a similar situation” or “I think…..” is all I’ve got. ME don’t know anything else.

If I respond, “Yeah” or “Sure” or just grunt, then we are married.

Sometimes the conversation is asking for advice due to the other persons experiences or qualities of expertise.

Sometimes the conversation is merely mining for information that will be dissected at a later time with another.

So I ask “ME” the ultimate question: “What do I say?

Do I tell what I really think or feel?

Do I tell the other person what they expect or want to hear?

Do I tell the truth? Really??

Can the other person comprehend the truth without the experience to apply the theory of dynamic reasoning to the abstract knowledge laid out on the table before them?

So the next time you ask me, “What do you think?beware!

I might answer.

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Art said...

Of course I mean the question AND I want the answer...