Monday, March 28, 2011

Smoking With The Chicken

There she was, walking across the immense room in her fluffy white dress all gleaming in make up and scents from foreign lands. My palms were damp with anticipation. I stammered as she smiled then turned to her parents sitting at the bar beaming over their cocktails.

Was I doing the right thing? This is what everyone else in the room was doing. This is why I was brought to the country club. I was to learn to practice the mannerisms of a class I didn’t know.

After much practice, I learned it was easy to play the part, but it didn’t feel comfortable. The words flowed but the inner tension warned me this was not meant to be.

The privilege ones, those who have the money and positions to inspire others to follow, with famous names and fancy houses and tainted culture with designer labeled clothing stress more about the red carpet walk than anyone will ever recognize. For they will always have to live up to the next demand or spirit or calling while constantly smiling showing all is under control.

Today, we call these “celebs” for they are the ones who create trends the masses follow and if enough of the masses follow, then it changes the culture. The privileged ones will strain to lead but only want to conform.

And if the masses majority believes or desires or follows the whims of the celebs then they will change human events. The majority always rules.

Why not? The majority makes the laws the rest of us abide by, they manufacture the trends we all consume, and like lemmings, we follow whatever everyone else does.

Only if there is a more charismatic privileged member of the society to distract the attention or a more powerful group that can change by force, the majority will continue to work, sleep, buy, eat, and believe whatever is presented to them.

But there are a few, who will not listen to the words or understand there is little they can do revolt against the tide of sameness or perhaps are not or don’t care to be affected by the chatter. It is said this minority follows a different drummer. Some say there is an unknown mental disorder causing them not to join. Some believe they see the daily drudgery as an adventure rather than toil.

Watching from the sidelines, I become amused by all of this for I’m just smoking with the chicken.

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