Tuesday, July 19, 2011

63 TO GO


At least that’s is how many “For Sale” signs I saw today on my morning ride.

There may be more, but there were only 63 signs posted in front of the houses on my daily path.

I figure I travel 70 blocks with approximately 20 houses per block so only 63 being posted are about 22%.
That may be right for the area, since I read that about 20% of the mortgages are underwater.

Still I don’t know how many more are posted online or in the newspaper or special real estate magazines or anything else real estate agents can draw out of people trying to abandon their debt.

And how many are sitting vacant? Alone waiting for a family, but no one can afford them. Even for rent?

How many have families who are just not paying their mortgage due to the economy?

The moving vans come in and take the belongings of the family. But where do they go?

So the neighborhood changes but I don’t notice it.

Marooned in my own island,

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TripleG said...

You've always got the coconut telephone, Gilligan!