Thursday, July 14, 2011


Started off the day checking the messages on Facebook and email about what happened in my old workplace yesterday. Seems more people were laid off due to poor advertising revenues. I looked at the names of people I knew and felt sorry for them but turned away to take my morning ride.

Locking the back door after a brief coffee and water break, I walk the familiar path to Mansland.
And then a sudden surprise!

The porch which held three bikes was empty?

"This can't be good" I said to myself, but it was true.

My three bikes were gone.

Looking around in some amazement, the rest of the yard seemed the same. The sounds were right the light was right but my friends were gone.

I walked out the back and checked the additional shed as if they may have just moved themselves, but no one was there.

The gate was left open in the wrong direction so this must have been the path.

Sometime between 7 PM and 9 AM, someone or ones had decided to invade my yard and take my transportation.

I understand "dumpster diving" and many times put things out by the trash for passerby's to have for free, but when personal space is invaded, it is something else.

So now what?

Checked the other structures and everything else seemed the same, but the space had been violated.

This was my only transportation other than walking, so the decision was made to purchase another vehicle.

Walking to the bike store, I noticed other riders and closely studied their ride. I don't believe I will see these friends again, but it is human nature to look.

Telling my friends at the bike store what had happened, they quickly supplied me with a wonderful replacement fully equipped. It will take a while to adjust to it, but it is only a bike.


Since college, a bicycle has been my main ride. Miles and miles of trekking over cement and asphalt to attend parties, dinners, classes, work, and exploring.

So my three buds, Bianchi, Marian, and Redline were there last night and now they are somewhere else.

File a police report with full resolution that I will never see them again. Do not file an insurance report because I can replace them with funds at hand. Check Craigslist and eBay just to take a look, but it may be too early to see.

Think about staying outside tonight, but they will probably not return.

Lock the door and walk inside. Violated, but not defeated.

It may be the economy. It may be a thief of opportunity.

Whatever the reason or the cause, I hope the new homes for "The Grey Ghost", "Big Blue" and "White Lightning" will find new homes and provide safe rides.


TripleG said...

That was foul and disheartening. If you can't feel secure in your own home...

LoveBug said...

This makes me mad and sad at the same time. I can't even imagine how you must feel ;-(

Rus Wornom said...

They hit you where it hurts. I can't tell you how I feel -- actually, I can, but words would never be good enough.

Art said...

BAD news, BADDD News

Geri said...

So sorry Clyph!

Know you've lost part of your family.

It's not a good feeling to feel violated.

It will come back at them.

Best of luck with your new wheels!

Sorry to hear your friends lost their jobs.