Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alone With Your Thoughts

OK, you want to try an experiment? It won't hurt and it doesn't take long, but you have to participate.

First, turn off your phone. Don't just set it aside, turn it off. Next, turn off the television, radio, and any other electronic device that hums in the background.

Now, move into another space, away from all these distractions.

If you can move outside into the greenery, do that.

If not, move to a window with a comfortable chair and settle in.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Now open your eyes and just stare at what is in front of you.

Don't move.

Don't talk.

Just watch what is happening.

Now most people will be torn by the thoughts of work and family and the constant struggle of every day life, so let those thoughts flow over you.

Keep deep breathing and you will suddenly find what some call "meditation".

Flood away the worries and the times and the constant struggle to memorize ever minute of every day or every thought.

Free the mind to relax and contemplate what is really important.

Some say the great sages of our time, you know the philosophers, the ones who sat around and had great vision and thoughts of time and space and human emotion, had time to ponder the outcome of the world.

But today, with our busy schedules, we barely have time to think.

Or do we?

Take the challenge and spend some time alone with your thoughts.

Trust me it will surprise you what you find when you are alone with yourself.


Art said...

gonna be a Bhuddist, eh? Zach can help you!

Cheryl said...

I did this for over a year without much choice. What did I discover? That I don't do "alone" for an extented time very well.