Monday, December 5, 2011

Biding My Time

When are you the most comfortable? What do you do on your “free” time?
Sitting back and entertaining you without a schedule to meet or someone to see or chores to do we bid our time?
Sounds like “lazy doesn’t it? Yet, this is the time that we all say, “We don’t have enough of” and hold as precious. But do we really?
As soon as there is a little time on your own to do whatever you want without any restrictions, what happens?
Turn to the electronic distractions to waste what freedom there is.
And when you don’t need any clothing or furniture or transportation or communication or housing or food and there is no one else around to interfere with your “free” time or ask you to share in his or her projects or wishes, what do you do?
When the pile of dirty cloths can wait or the spider webs don’t bother or kicking around dust balls becomes familiar, then one realizes I’m just biding my time.

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Art said...

You know, I've given this post a great deal of thought. What you describe as 'biding my time', I might describe as habit. For example, I am always the first one up, and seven days a week I do similar things to pee, take the dogss out, turn the PC on, make coffee, feed the dogs, feed the cat, fix coffee and take my suppliments, take the dogs out again, and get onto the PC... The entire time the dogs and cat know and observe when and what's happening next...

We all have habits and routines, and there can be something nice about them.

An apocryphal quote: St. Francis was weeding his garden. A neighbor asked what he would do if he knew that he would die today. St. Francis responded, 'finish weeding my garden'.

Something right there...