Sunday, December 18, 2011

We’ve Got That!

Some call it “Keeping up with the Jones” but this habit of buying what everyone else has is how we were brought up.

Consumption or consumerism was taught to us at an early age as the gauge of success that meant wealth.

Wealth brought esteem from those who coveted the amount of goods and wares one owned.

Advertisers promote the latest, shiniest, biggest and newest appliance, mobile machine or shelter hypnotizing the public in the need to purchase and proudly display.

Gatherings of office workers, potential clients, friends and family are brought into your abode to show off your furnishings, décor, electronics and landscaping.

To keep up with the Jones, we reply, “We’ve Got That!” as if joining a consumers club.

This season is suppose to be for the children but after the early morning decent on wrapped boxes and bows the kids discover the socks and underwear and shaving cream and tie clips and watches and usually a one big toy that Santa left for them.

After the paper is gathered and thrown away and the ritual family portrait of the loot, the kids were dismissed to go to other kids and see what they got.

Merry Christmas.

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