Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is the season for presenting and sharing and giving. This is the season for decorations, food, warmth, song, and best of all…. GIFTS!

That is what it is all about isn’t it? Getting something that you hoped for and even asked a mystery man named “Santa” for.

You know on December 25th, you will be waking your mother and father before dawn with the great anticipation of going down stairs and viewing the piles of brightly wrapped boxes stacked under the tree which is mysteriously already lit.

Gifts of all sizes and descriptions on this one-day of the year when access is tolerated.

Now some gifts are practical like the socks and ties you had been wanting (not so much) or a blender (though functional will not make points on the response meter), but what is really scrabbled for is the games and toys and wonder gifts that could not be purchased during the hot days of summer or the fall leaf raking time or the attention of the family was on some other important issue like cutting the grass or taking out the trash.

This is the time to make up for all of that. This was the time to ask for unbelievable treasures and hope to be rewarded.

Piles of boxes and bags prepared in paper and bows that an entire industry survives on this day with cute cards tapes to the mystery box assigning the recipient from the giver.

These small offerings are expected to relay affection or reply in kind of other gifts.

And they should be surprises!

Boxes and bags containing mysteries presented to the recipient for a reward.

Covered up to continue the wonderment of discovery, the paper is torn and discarded to awaken what hopes reveal.

And if the reward is not what was expected, how do you react?

Sometimes the best gifts are those that were never perceived or contemplated.

The diamond ring hidden down in a second pair of wool gloves might make the day.

The trail of construction paper red hearts leading down the walkway to your house up the steps and into the bedroom covered in rose petals.

Maybe the last M*A*S*H program presented with sheets covering the ceiling like tents and dog tags and sweatshirts with special significances and a dinner out of tin pans and laughter.

So while you are out there spending your well earned cashed to reward someone else with the reward of happiness, think about this.

After the paper and ribbons are thrown away and the decorations are taken down and stored and the cold grey days creep in, what will be remembered?

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