Friday, October 26, 2012

Before the storm gets here


All the weather guys and all the news guys are scaring the be Jesus out of the community by telling us there will be hurricane winds and rain and power lost.
Of course we all know they are in cahoots with the grocery stores so there will be long lines at the store for milk and bread and cereal and can mushrooms and spices and frozen pizza and all the other essentials needed to make it through the weekend.
So like everyone else in the burg, I decide a list of things I can consume if the power is out and proceed to the store. During the ride I look at all the Halloween spider webs and tombstones decorating all the yards and wondering what happens when the wind picks up to 40+ mph. Then I wonder what will happen to all those political signs that dot the neighborhood. Then again there has been a lot of construction in the neighborhood so maybe there will be boards flying about. I’m looking forward to the Tuesday or Wednesday ride to see where all this stuff lands up.
So the local grocery isn’t too bad but there are the usual folks who stare at the shelves as if deciding if they needed any of those items they are looking at or just staring at the packaging hoping they will talk back to them.
There is a certain feel in the store of impending doom so I figure all the bread and meat and cheese and a couple cans of soup and chef boy are dee will tie me over until the world settles back to normal.
I guess all the other white haired old guys driving around the parking lot had the same idea. Thankfully the diversion of the ladies from the local gym must have finished their palates class and decided to load up on carbs.
I knew not to go near the local alcohol store since the weather reporters were already saying stock up on booze and party food. I bet they said the same thing in Haiti.  A load of guys were checking the beer aisle so I reminded them a storm was coming and they got a laugh. I’ll load up tomorrow, maybe two runs, because nothing says “hurricane” better than “alcohol”.
Candles? Check. Batteries? Check. Cash, in case I have to wander out and forage for food stuffy? Check.
And when the power goes out? I’ve learned to entertain myself with battery headphones or acoustic guitars or if the wind blows really, really hard maybe bang on the drums or even writing with pen and paper or maybe just sitting on the porch and enjoying the natural show or just taking a long nap for there is nothing else to do.
Hopefully everyone will come through what is called the “Frankenstorm” with minimal problems and we can all comment on Facebook how you survived the big blow.

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