Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Another Project

After a morning of avoiding bad traffic while riding with the flutterbys, then going for another visit to a bad music store and leaving empty handed and wondering why I went at all, I started on another project.
I’ve already sent a note to having the washer and dryer removed next week and already have the estimate for replacing the floor and realize the weather is getting colder so the kitchen replacement must get started.
This is what happens when you retire. You have to have projects to keep you going everyday.
Past couple of years has been house repair projects and this is the last one on the to-do list, thought there will probably be more that I don’t know yet. There are still plenty of projects for “me” that I’ve avoided but are still there.
And I’ve rewarded myself with too many toys after a project is complete.
But all work and no play makes…. well you know.
So I created another project just for myself.
Through the years I’ve written some music.  Nothing real good but it is sort of a musical diary.
So to keep myself playing, I’ve decided to record them all. Not for any money but just for myself.
This project was easier with the technology available and having all the instruments and all the time to record, I’ve decided to break them up by the years they were written and make records.
Taking a break from the dust and the stress I can pick up a guitar, pull out the old blue notebook with all the words and started the computer recording. Thought still rough the idea comes out sometimes with surprises I hadn’t anticipated.
Some were written for bands and some were solos. Some are historical pieces and some are dreams. Some are outrageously funny and some are personal.
So between the destruction of the floor, awaiting the delivery of the cabinets, listening to the installation, placing the appliances, installing the plumbing and of course painting, I can waste away the winter with recording and burning CDs.
What some boys will do to be distracted.

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TripleG said...

I'm looking forward to the CD box set, with memorable artwork on the cover and a 100-page booklet with never-before-seen photos.
And an outtakes disc!