Friday, October 2, 2015


Just makes you wonder
I am fully aware that I’m not the most educated man and am not the most intellectual to discuss or analysis all the events of the world, but I do try to stay up-to-date with the news as presented through the media. I, like you, will listen and watch and try to learn while applying my own background information on the subject.
In today’s instant information age, what is unknown or somewhat confusing can be researched by a single click of the mouse, but is the information factual?
Yonder days back, whatever information you got was the truth. Whether it came from church or your parents or friends or newspapers, it was all you had to base your knowledge on.
Today with 24-hour news services and the constant chatter on the Internet, our brains are overwhelmed with what might be fact or what might just be opinions or just stilted agendas.
My question is why do we still listen to these clowns?
We all hear and watch and must decide whether to believe what is consumed or not. Yet, with enough bombardment of even the worst bombastic falsehoods, we will tend to believe.
With all our biases and opinions based on what has been presented to us and endorsed by our friends and family and clergy, we form our beliefs. If we only listen to those who promote our beliefs, we have confirmed our truth by repetition.
If presented by a charismatic talking head, like Hitler, Walter Cronkite or Jesus, we can become persuaded or evenfall under the spell of words changing meanings of our biases. If peer pressure or worst condemn any other alternative thought, we become prejudice and intolerant to any other idea.
I won’t pick on any particular talking head or ‘informational’ source but there are too many to question their opinions with their credentials. If a fact can be twisted to meet an agenda, is it still a fact?
While the flood of noise and irrational comments overwhelm us everyday, I take a few with a grain of salt, for tomorrow there will be a new trend and we will all follow like lemmings.

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