Sunday, October 11, 2015

How Are You In The Polls?

Every week there are polls of financial importance and political standings, but what if YOU had to be polled?
Could you stand up to the questioning and evaluations on obscure and maybe uncomfortable subjects? Where would you stand in the polls?
 Political figures and those who want to be are constantly asked questions and results published with comments for every reader or listener or viewer to form an opinion, so pollsters can survey the public’s thoughts.
What if YOU had to go through that scrutiny?
There are yearly job reviews at work, but suppose there was a weekly polling. What does your boss think about your production this week? What do your co-workers think of your attitude? Do the stockholders believe you should keep your job?
Does your family believe in you? Do your children?
Where do you stand in the polls with your wife? Did you take out the trash on time? Did you pick up your underwear or put away the laundry? Did you belch when her friends came over? Did you fart at the dinner table? Won’t even get into the bedroom because the numbers will surely drop there.
If everyone else, friends and foes, could access these numbers every week, what would be the results? The value of your personality and influence and compatibility could rise or drop with a few percentage points.
Your life could be controlled by the ratings of strangers and those around you. Your family and friends could change in a blink of a few numbers.
And evaluations of your friends and family who are also rated would eliminate marriage counselors and most religions. Just pull out the spreadsheet and see whom you would like today.

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