Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Impress Me

New car? Big house? Gold watch? What else you got?
Items that reflect your salary or position or prestige or linage are nothing more than stuff. They will all wind up in the land fill to be replaced by other worthless items.
What else you got?
Writings of the knowledge gained from employment? Memories? Self-absorbed efforts to stroke your ego?
What else you got?
What am I looking for?
What I am looking for is something that takes a person out of their normal comfort zone. Something different. Something unique.
People of wealth can pride themselves on philanthropy but it is just throwing money at a cause or an idea. They can form foundations or idealistic organizations as easy as buying a jet or a yacht.
People of few means have little to share except their own time and elbow grease. Is this what separates us?
With all the choices in life, some have made good decisions to accumulate more than they could possibly ever use and so share with their less fortunate neighbors. Is this a mere penance to the serfs who humble themselves to survive?
There is always a photo-op of some wealthy folk dressed in sparkling clean aprons ladling beans at a soup kitchen but they quickly left after the shutter snap. Is it less stressful to sit on the golden throne than face those who with education, shelter and an occupation could pull themselves up and possibly advance the species?
I suppose it would be easy to sit back and enjoy the lavish lifestyle and drown in the decadence while your brothers and sisters are suffering for it is not your problem and never was.
Just when all hope is lost, Morgan Freeman turns his 124-acre farm into a bee haven.
Thanks, I needed that.

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