Saturday, June 25, 2016

Anyone can make a baby

No regulations required. You don’t have to get a license or take a test to make a baby. There are some birds and bees instructions but no one pays any attention to them.
There are no background checks or age requirements. Well, maybe you have to wait till she is…well, you know.
It can be done anywhere and at any time. Many people do it overseas and some do it next door and maybe even your sister?
It doesn’t take a lot of training. Your friends can help you out. Once you get started you can’t stop.
Seems everyone does it. No governmental restrictions or laws prohibiting the function of procreation. There isn’t even a limit to how many you can make.
There are some religious and family considerations. Some society moirés frown upon those who do not fall in love and get married before making babies, that that won’t stop you.
So once the deal is done, the father can hang around and pass out cigars or split. The mother has to make all the important decisions from then on. There are some choices but none of them are easy.
Making a baby is easier than buying a gun, but they will be the ones to use them.

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