Sunday, July 3, 2016


Since it is the time we celebrate our Independence, what does it mean to be dependent?
A dependant (British/English) or dependent (American/English) is a person who relies on another as a primary source of income. A common-law husband or a wife who has been maintained by their partner may be an example. The existence of the dependant may enable the provider, such as a parent or guardian, to claim a deduction in income tax calculations.
Children are dependent to others for food and shelter and education and training until they are old enough to be independent. There is no time line for this process to be completed. The age 18–21 is more or less acceptable in most cases, but not all.
The child moves on to independence to make their own decisions, establish their own identity and find gainful employment. This also is the time most families start so now the freed independent becomes the provider for another dependent generation. So the cycle goes.
For that fleeting moment in time when one feels ‘independent’ there are no rules. Stay up late, drink too much, drive recklessly, choose questionable friends and do your own laundry are the prizes for being your own boss.
Are we truly ‘independent’?
Do we make our own clothing? Do we build our own houses or make our own roads? Do we watch certain shows or listen to certain music due to peer pressure of acceptance? Do we schedule our day by looking at the clouds?
We are addicted to the dependency on drugs, money, supplies, weather, civilization, city services, safety, and affection. Few castaways can be self-sufficient independent.
Tomorrow the flags made in other countries will fly and fireworks fueled by the same air as we breathe and dead animals will be burnt in sacrifice washed down by questionable water, our nation will come together to celebrate our Independence and hope when we throw the wall switch the lights will come on.

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