Sunday, November 6, 2016

Just Another Fall Day

Extra hour today means nothing other than I can set the clocks that have either been off or wrong time for the past 12 months. So that is why the clock says 1:00 but it is really 12:00? I forgot.
So what is the big deal? The sun is up and it bright and wonderful. A nice fall breeze is helping to dry off the roof sans pine tags. Prediction of a nice pleasant warm Sunday, so get out and enjoy.
Usual routine (that is why it is routine because it happens in the same pattern everyday) and check the yard. Everything looks good and welcoming so I join in.
No thought of where I’m going or how to get there for that is routine also. The chimes are singing as I put on my fingers and walk my pony to the back. More white trucks than usual but there are always white trucks around here. Where is the diversity?
Whoo! That guy almost went through a red light. It is a sign to wake up from my morning stupor and pay attention. Some more examples of bad driving show me that extra hour didn’t quit sober up everyone from their college football yesterday.
So I silently weave around walkers and joggers observing the young raking leaves and cutting grass or mulching and start to think about why I’m writing this story in my head of everything I’m seeing. Is it the artist eye? Turn the corner and crank up the gears and look up for the enjoyment of what fall has to offer. Than a wooden marble bonks me on the head. Good reason to wear a helmet. Then I caught my first leaf.
The store was a bit crazier than most, but I was in a time warp and didn’t realize it. Everyone seems in a panic, maybe trying to catch the most of the extra hour? I’ll put that in my story.
Loading up and packing out I remember I brought a letter mailed to my next-door neighbor. I could have walked next door and placed it in her mailbox but I don’t do that. Instead I take it to the local mailbox and drop it in to be re-delivered. Why the extra trouble? The postman/woman should have checked the numbers on the houses. Mine are really big.
Back at home with the family fed and in their own frenzy but they don’t know what time it is. The shadows follow the same patterns and they rest when they get tired. Check my to-do list and wonder will I get as much done today as I’ve gotten this week? Well, there is football on but I’m unrepentantly caught in pre-pregame shows of talking heads and the sunshine is inviting.
Halloween is done, the World Series is over and the weather is getting chilly. The days will start cold and the nights will fall early. There will be more clouds and grey skies. This will be the season.
The bonus of the week will be the Super Moon. I’m hoping it will be as fantastic as the last night I sat outside and watched that huge silver ball that seemed to rise out of my backyard. It lit up the yard like a spotlight and slowly crawled across the sky. It seemed close enough to reach up and touch. I won’t be in the same mood as I was then or perhaps I will.
So at the end of the evening, a few chores were done, a new to-do list was made for next week, and tonight I’ll crawl into the same rumpled bed but at a different hour and attempt to reschedule my sleepless pattern.
It is just another fall day in Just Another Life.

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TripleG said...

Had to laugh when I went to feed the birds like every morning, and found them all lined up waiting -- they knew my timing was off.