Thursday, November 10, 2016

Learn How To Be President of the United States of America in 71 Days

Our president-elect has never held a political office. He has no experience on how government works. He will have to be trained from scratch.
Now we all have been hired for jobs with little or no experience and will be required on-the-job training. The question is can you become proficient at your job in 71 days?
It is more than learning where the washroom is or what your hours are or when are the holidays, this job is more about getting the keys to Air Force 1 and having a guy following you with a suitcase. Those guys surrounding you in sunglasses aren’t there to keep the paparazzi away.
In this job you will shake more hands, eat more food, get less sleep and ask more questions than answers. You will have to deal with disgusting situations and you get to meet the Pope; probably the Dali Lama too. Everything you do or say will be recorded and translated and analyzed in languages you’ve never heard of. Thousands of countrymen’s sons and daughters will stand at attention when you walk into a room. You can’t go to McDonald’s whenever you want but you can get a chef’s specialty roast beef sandwich whenever.
This job requires knowledge of economics, sociology, science, history, horticulture, medicine, religion, weaponry, aeronautics and technology, just to name a few. This job requires persuasion of not only your staff and other members of your government but others around the world that may not agree with your presentation. This is the art of the deal.
You will be required to attend more funerals and give sympathy to more families than anyone on the planet. You will required to stand for photo shoots with other leaders and attend boring ceremonies all over the world. You must express your condolences and anger yet it is your job to motivate the country that things will be better in a civil manner that a 3rd grader could understand.
You got 71 days to learn all of this before you take your Oath.
Good luck to you and all of us.

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