Thursday, December 21, 2017

What Did You Learn This Year?

As the year ends, we reflect on self-accomplishments, shared events, spiritual revelations, humanitarian feelings and opinions that turn to judgments. In one year houses are bought and sold, cars attended to, humans born and humans died, sleep lost and weight found, friendships made and passions forgotten.
You’ve read a lot of words, seen a lot of motions, heard a lot of thoughts and spent another 365 days of life. What did you learn from all that?
Think of all the books you read. Was it pure entertainment or research or did you come away more knowledgeable? Think of all the social media flooding you with real or fake news, opinions, comments and promotions. What did you learn through all that? Interaction communication, whether with your significant others or professional associates or total strangers can be enlightening? Did you learn anything?
Are you smarter this year than last year?
What did you learn about your family and friends? What did you learn about yourself?
How do you react to someone today that was different than last year? What shows will you not watch and what draws you into binging? How has your taste changed in food and clothing? What did you learn from last Christmas to choose presents for this Christmas?
Are you more knowledgeable with information that can create fascinating conversations or writings or other forms of expression or are you just more full of nonsense and useless references to latest cultural delight?
It will be a test.

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