Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Ride

Pulled Marin off the porch this morning.

This 5-year old bike with about 10,000 miles on it was going to be my ride this morning. The usual ride, Redline, was having some difficulties. The back brake, when squeezed, would go to the handlebar with no resistance on the rim. This is not a good way to stop.

Since this is all city riding, there are lots of stops. Every corner. Every unusual behavior by a metal mobile monster. And the occasional stop for the squirrels to dance across the path.

So this weekend, another set of brakes will be required. $15.00. Less than 5-gallons of gas.

In the meantime, Marin is the ride. Saddlebags and all. It's a comfortable bike, but I noticed this morning, with the sun beaming in my eyes, the seat needs to rise up a little more. My left knee is a little stiff this morning and with a different angle on the pedal pressure, it makes the leg cramp.

Shake it off. Rub some dirt on it.

But the 5 miles were uneventful and comfortable. Marin is a good bike and I hope we are friends for a lot more years.

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Shakespere said...

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