Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring Morning

6:30 and the air is crisp at 50 degrees. Slap on a jacket, strap the gloves and helmet; climb into the knapsack and up to the street. The moon hangs in the big blue window and not a cloud appears. As I roll along I notice the brakes need tighten, stopping for the wayward squirrels who stop in front of me. The sun is low and in my eyes but I knowing the way by habit. A well-worn path. As I stop at the boulevard, I notice a man get into his car and rush to the corner, creeping out into the traffic flow and almost creating a wreck. "Where is he off to in such a hurry?" I pondered. As the wheels turn the fragrance of the city surrounds me. Flowers, cooking breakfast, oil, garbage.... and all the sounds of a city waking up. Through a quiet VCU. Students aren't usually up this early anyway. "What was that guy mumbling on the corner?" Another stop at Belvidere and the orb is blinding. Another driver in a hurry to get nowhere zips past into the flow. Down the embankment of Franklin and up the 4 block hill past the Jefferson. It can take your breath away. Past the library and a left turn into one way traffic. Wave to the guard as I enter the parking cave and lock up. 25 minutes of a 5-mile wonderful spring morning.

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