Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fire Engines, Bow Ties, and Onions

Just another Easter weekend. Yet, like no other Easter. This Easter was free. No worries about work, except from the call by Jeff fretting about his future.

Early breakfast, after a long night sleep.

Getting over a weekend with some Penn friends who traveled down South for a venture and some old stories. There was much more to tell, but the time passed quickly.

A 10 mile travel on a windy cool Spring day, sunny yet not warm yet. No new sights except young lads in khakis, blue blazers, sharply pressed white shirts and bright ties dashing off to church. Reminded me of the lads in the Kroger parking lot the day before with their bow ties and shorts, ready for the Strawberry Hill races.

As I traveled, the sirens of fire engines filled the air. From left, then right, then behind. I paused to notice they had stopped at Monument Avenue. Something must have happened at the preparation for the Easter Day Stroll down the Avenue of Monuments. Maybe one of those bow tie lads had not recovered from the previous celebrations.

The rest of the journey was ordinary, except that I noticed the shadows on the street. Dark fingers crossed my path down and back, like a silhouette of a overhanging stain glass frame, without the color. Flying buttresses arching across my venture. Still fingers, soon to be filled with leaves creating a soft umbrella to cool my summer rides.

So home again. Burgers with huge slices of onions, dark mustard, sweet relish, and potato chip crumbs. Appalachian Brewing Co. beer and the continuous brisk wind.

So enjoy the day and remember, he has risen, has many meanings.


TripleG said...

Shout, "Watch out, world -- I'm BACK!"

Art said...

Yo, start posting, dude...