Saturday, April 11, 2009

OK, it's been a week now..... get off your duff.

Just kidding.

It's been pretty busy.

Cleaning out my two lockers with a maintenance man watching to make sure I didn't steal any newspaper secrets or store any explosives. Continuing with the 10 miles a day rides in the lovely spring air. Watching the fish and birds and bunnies in the yard. Saying goodbye to my travel guitar. Cooking on the grill. Getting in touch with an old friend. Getting a new hard drive.

Fresh starts all around.

And trying to set a schedule. Monday for playing? Tuesday for shopping (5% discount for being old)? Wednesday for music? Thursday for writing? Friday for bills and house necessities? Saturday for litter? Sunday for riding?

Still have a pile of papers to go through and some online registering for being unemployed, life is starting to look pretty good.

Organizing projects so I can keep on track.

So let's see how it goes.

Stay tuned........

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Anonymous said...

Work on the book every day. Write a paragraph or two on the blog every day. Keep those creative juices flowing. Those other juices, you do whatever you want with.