Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Spring To Summer

The weather was warm today. Like summer in the spring. But it has broken the spell of cold nights and windy days.

Sunshine and light breeze. After a sunny wake up and pulling on shorts an another cup of java, it is out in the sunshine.

Oil the gears that make the winter fade and open the gate to another day.

Off to the Grove Avenue by way of a side street with a peace flag and other cyclist enjoying the day.

Shift the gears, check the mirror and onto familiar territory. Stop to let the traffic go by and a driver pauses at the cross street. Will she go? I take my hands off the handle bars and wait. She waves and turns to the East.

Rest in the shade before climbing the hill to Libbie. The driver in the truck on the phone was in no hurry, but neither was I.

The fast drift down to Patterson. Newly paved from Libbie to Willow Lawn Drive. It was already smooth, but my city dollars had to be spent for the West End complaints.

Up the hill and start to feel the breathe of the day. Green trees, shadows, and birds.

Listen to the day.

The birds.

They sing Spring is here.

Up the bumpy Park Avenue and around the park.

Stop and listen.

There are no traffic sounds.

Only the sounds of birds and quiet laughs of children.

I sit and rest and listen.

Then off again, under the shade of the new canopy which will keep me cool through out the summer Sundays.

Turn right back into the near West End which changed my life with new characters and partners and experiences.

Over the old railroad tracks which marked the acceptable territory. Anyone past this line was acceptable and for many years the only contact.

And still the limit of travel does not hinder the awaking of new possibilities. Another smile from a passing car and a wave with a smile.

25 days into the new life of freedom and the sun shines bright with drifting clouds. Blue sky fill the void of endless routines.

And a west coast friend has given a list of new challenges to venture on wood and string. Thanks.

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Art said...

You are welcome, and, I never lived on the correct side of those railroad tracks!