Friday, April 24, 2009

More Freedom Than Time Allows

The day starts at sunrise. The critters awake and shake off the nightly dust.

Smell of instant coffee and eggs and soy bacon and rye toast.

The morning news and weather and yesterdays news in print.

Back door wide open to welcome the breeze and beckon to the rough wooden walk way to the new destination.

Outside in the sunshine watching the birds and squirrels eat peanut butter, bread, apples, and sunflower hulled seeds. They drink at the fish pond or the OJ bowl. Some try the blueberry bowl.

Grey Jay is back from Florida. And the bunnies are in the yard.

The weather if finally warming up. The winter garb can go into hiding for another few months.

But the NEW schedule is flexible.

This is all new. Time on your hands. Time like when you were a child and did not have meetings, classes, phone messages, to-do-list, email, text message.....

Freedom to do what you want (within reason)

All those things you wanted to do!!

No excuses.


It is totally different from what you have grown up with for years and years.

Going to school everyday. Same time. Same results. Same routine. Same amount of free time.

Going to work everyday. Same time. Same results. Same routine. Same amount of free time.


Now, there is the time of a child to explore the freedom given to each individual.

Like each of our forefathers, there is only 24 hours in a day. The sun comes up and goes down.

It is what WE do during that time that makes a difference.

Will we be remembered? It is time for the next generation to run with the torch.

But there is no other generation for me.

So do we want to be remembered? For our accomplishments, as fleeting as they are.

We make a mark on the earth for others to follow, but few, very few will be remembered.

Even those who we name streets and buildings after. Who are they?

So I end a day of riding in the sun, warming my back, viewing the green, flowers, birds, and relaxing after another day of almost getting something creative done.

Well, I am working on a song, listening to a bass CD to friends, cleaning out my cassette closet, and writing this.

And tomorrow is another day.

....stay tuned.

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