Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Morning

A typical August summer day. Hot and humid. There was a haze in the sky this morning. Clouds like it was going to rain, but it didn't feel like rain. But there is plenty of moister in the air. So thick you can cut it. The haze was tough to breathe at first, but your body adjust to conditions.
The street is covered in sand. Someone must have spilled something and the work was done last night, but I didn't hear anything. Riding two wheels in sand is a challenge, particularly when you first wake up, but it keeps your mind alert. A group of crows follow me for a block until they gather in pairs on lawns and a light post. I realize I'm all in black, so they let me join their gang for awhile.
This Sunday path I take every week seems familiar yet strangely different every week. More brightly colored cyclist passing the other direction. "Am I going the wrong way?"
The usual water stops and deep breathes, then push on. It is almost automatic.
Turn at the triangle park and notice the children are out early. Probably a good idea since my shirt is already soaked and the sun is starting to burn off the haze.
Passing the museum which will be closed for construction for months and missing opportunity to walk silently through the cool marbled halls to see oil painting done before my time. I always thought a trip to the museum would be like going to church, but I never examined the brush strokes or gazed into the eyes of a forgotten prince.
As I paused for a turning auto waving appreciation for my stop at the top of the monster Malvern climb, my head was filled with the song "Alright"
The Geezer Jam was good last night and brought some fellowship that had not existed for many years. Very much the same, but older. Different drugs? Fun to watch Ron-Art get into his guitar, see Joel smile and wave at losing a word, and Jim playing with his tech toys. It will be interesting to hear what noise we made.
Back home to the newspaper, water and a third shirt. It feels like rain, but not yet.
Dig out three more garbage bags of "stuff" and feed the vampire bugs while shedding years of paper.
The wind is picking up. Maybe it will rain.
Did not see Sunday Morning today. The first time in a long, long while. I did it on purpose to break the routine. Missed the 1 minute of nature they end the show with, but looking out the window the cardinals are hopping in the cherry tree, the grey jays call from a far, and the peties are running amok like monkeys through the yard. Free continuous nature moment.