Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

As the day started, it was still gray outside, but not drippy.

Checking the yard for broken limbs, noticing the carpet of poplar leaves which the rain empted and feeding the overflow pond, the three days of nor' easterner seems to come through with minor problems (slight drip in the ceiling).

Still too wet for a ride, I dumped some more wood into the pit, then decided to walk.
The air had been washed clean and I saw little weather damage in the neighborhood.

Strolling up to the theater that shows artsy films and noticing the number of empty buildings, I moved to the hardware store.

"Can I help you?" the greeter asked when I entered the old grocery store transformed to aisles of screws and hammers.

"No, I'm just looking. I had to get out" I replied to her knowing smile.

As I wandered the neatly arranged store about 3 times the size of the original store in the VCU area that impressed me as a youth with the knowledge and array of correct information and parts.

Finding a few small project parts, I started my journey back home, yet the mist had started again.

More vacant stores beckoned me to the local oriental restaurant for a menu and check on delivery. The empty room gave the information without interrupting anyone, so I continued down Patterson.

A quick lunch of sandwich and water, reviewing the newspaper, and collecting the mail, I decided to pay the bills and walk to the post office.

I always shake when I write large checks, but I sealed the envelopes, locked the house, and started east.

The streets are covered in wet slush which will be interesting tomorrow on the marathon through the neighborhood.

Mailing the bills, I decided to wander down Carytown and check out the local guitar store. I was surprised at the few guitars and the high prices of the guitar amps (so close to Christmas), even with the owner talking about his portfolio going up 38%.

No prizes, so I wandered back home deciding what to do to relax tonight for the good work I had done today. Only one more wall to go, but I'll probably wait for next week for empty trash cans.

Five o'clock and only a light mist, so I ride for the first time in 3 days to the grocery store (along with everyone else).

The final list was sliced cheese, Gouda cheese, crackers, bread, and Williamsburg wine.

Sliding home in the dark, I will watch the end of week PBS shows, have a glass of wine, and rest for more moving tomorrow.

And not a bad Friday the 13th. Maybe it was the 4 pennies I picked up (and all the day have good luck).


TripleG said...

You're The Shadow, flying under the radar.

Art said...

All in all a pretty nice day!