Friday, November 27, 2009

Just Another Day

Wake at sunrise remembering the wonderful dinner and conversation with an old high school friend. Creative ideas still abound.

Morning nourishment and welcome the morning sun. No fog or dew this morning, just the leftover moisture from the stormy rain.

Fill the water bottle and strap on the gloves and helmet. Time for a ride.

The usual path, yet always something different. Little traffic and more parked cars. More people are staying at home today, making a long weekend. Press on and soon the trip is done and I'm home.

Take a breathe and read the old news in the paper with Mexican bread and water and wind. Yet the sun warms the leaves and the little birds beckon for their breakfast.

The final wall has to come down, filling a trash can with styrofoam and dust. Two wardrobes are dragged down the path to the disassembling area.

Now it is time to wait until next Monday when I can start refilling the trash.

And so another saga goes.

But yesterday, I reunited with an old artist buddy with a ton of ideas and energy. Hopefully we can keep the flow going, as seems to be difficult with thoughts and dreams unrealized.

And tomorrow? Perhaps a breakfast at a familiar pub with coffee and conversation and hopefully new contacts and not good byes.

So the darkness blows in the cold air and it is time to sleep and await the morning light and a new adventure.

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