Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Smelling Heat

Gray overcast and constant rain, today started slowly. A pot of mocha coffee fired up my drive to continue the reconstruction.

And by noon, there was much dust and wood and nails scattered about. So it was time to take a break.

Since there was constant dripping, I climbed into a poncho and decided to walk down to the Boulevard in the fall weather. The temperatures were not too cold, but the moisture dampened the stroll.

On paths that I've walked for years, the sidewalks were covered with leaves, suppose to be removed by the city Monday, but they didn't say which Monday.

Around puddles, observing the yellow and red trees give their last to the coming winter. A slower pace gives a chance to observe and hear and smell closer to the true nature of the day.

Up Grove Avenue past large row houses peppered with doctors offices. Apartments, duplexes, single family dwellings standing for years. Some have new coats of paint, or doorways, but there is no space for additions. Some old apartments were now for "lease" or for sale as condos, while others stood the trail of time giving care to one family after another.

Then, passing one of the houses raised up with the front door at eye level, I smelled heat. No, not a passing care or fuel smell, the smell of heat. It struck my senses against the moist air. A few more steps and it was gone and the wet rotting leaves splashing in the gutters came back to recreate the journey's atmosphere.

It was a strange sensation. I remember it on a cold day feeling the warmth, but there is a certain smell to it also.

Passing the museums I turned back deciding not to give too much chance of walking wet and cold.

The rest of the journey was uneventful, but that one quick sense change was worth the exercise adventure.

Put the wet clothes in the dryer and snuggle up with my sweats and a cup of green tea.

Tomorrow I will continue to tear down wood knowing I can wander again to cough out the wallboard dust and gather my breathe in the dampness.

And all those who pass in their sheltered mobile machines will miss this.

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