Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Interesting excerpt from a book I recently read.
“Try to imagine what the opposite of loneliness is.

Think of it.
Everyone in the world loves you? What is that?

Realize you are in isolation.

Live it! Enjoy it!

Just be glad that there aren’t a bunch of people who want to use up your time. Because along with all the love and admiration that’s going to come from the people that would keep you from being lonely, there is the emotional freight you have to bear from people who are wasting your time, and you can’t get that back
So when you’re lonely and all by yourself, guess what you have?

You have all your own time.

That’s a gritty good fucking deal.

Something you couldn’t buy any place else.

And every time you’re out being sociable and having other people be “nice” to you so you don’t feel “lonely”, they are wasting your time.

What do you get for it?

Because after they’re done being nice to you they want something from you.

And they’ve already taken your time!

Loneliness… is not a bad deal. It’s a good deal.” Frank Zappa

Be creative in your time and you will not be lonely.


Art said...

I agree. The older I get the more I like to be alone

Rus Wornom said...

Man, I told you I was sorry! Damn long-haired hippy!