Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy’s Day

Today we celebrate all the men who could not keep it in their pants. Yes all you fathers enjoy your ties, t-shirts and mugs declaring you are the “Best Dad”, and revel in your creations.

Of course you can do the tango alone, but you are an important element. Without you life could not be created. One thrust and squirts and you can proudly wear the title “Father”.

My dad was 43 when I was conceived., so I was probably a mistake. Even so, here I am and would not be writing this if it hadn’t been for him. Due to the difference in age we didn’t have much in common. By the time I was in my teens he was as old as I am now. We didn’t talk much and though he half heartily tried to lead me into church organized activities but it seemed hypocritical. I just saw him lying to people about how good they looked, trying to impress with old stories of almost fame, and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. And when he was the happiest was when he sat alone on a couch mindlessly watching black and white television and eating ice cream. I wonder what he was thinking?

Now dad was a good man and would have been proud of his boys. As far as success, we did pretty well. Though we never talked about music, but when he saw I had an interest in it, he bought me a guitar and amplifier knowing I was not as dedicated as he was to learning the notes. And he got to see grandchildren. That always seems to be a big thing for fathers to see the family linage continued. Isn’t that the reason for introducing new life?

And will your offspring’s appreciate your sacrifice to provide them with food, clothing, shelter and education. Will they realize your life was put on hold when the words “I’m pregnant” was presented to you.

So to all the pops, dads, and fathers out there, enjoy your day. Be proud to bring another mouth onto the planet.

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