Friday, June 18, 2010

Then the lights went out

A fairly productive day started by going to Target and after a long search found a trashcan for the kitchen. I strapped it onto the bike and almost got home before the bungee chord slipped and smacked me in the back. Frustrated I stopped and reloaded the black plastic. Making it home without additional complications, I unloaded the package and placed it on the back porch. Check trashcan off the list.

There were more adventures to take. Again I was off to the grocery store for a daily trip and to acquire the next item on the list. It’s time for a mop. After evaluating the cool blue and white mops at target, I reviews the line of mops presented by Kroger. There is a squeeze sponge mope like the metal one my mom used and a roll sponge mop with a roller applicator. One had refills, and the other didn’t. I grabbed the one with a refill cause I know there is going to be a lot of cleaning to do. I had looked at the different cleaning solutions for floors and decided to use what I already had first. I still have to sand and wash the walls, paint the ceiling, choose a color for the walls and paint before starting on the floor, but its an item on the list.

Reaching for my favorite trusty black bungee cord I am shocked to find only half of it. I had not strapped it around the seat post and one end was missing, a victim of spokes. A lucky backup wrapped the long pole to the bike frame. An uneventful ride home avoiding the old and the communication challenged drivers. Check mop off the list.

Now to sit and cool down with some music and a cool beverage I began another list.
Then the lights went out. A flicker and then total darkness surrounded me.
Walking past the cut bamboo, I noticed there was no noise in the neighborhood. Checking the interior of the house confirmed all the power was off.

It must be time to check off the next project and get that garden hose for the front yard. These are not totally got to have or I’ll die items, but they have been on the list for sometime.

Packing up Big Blue in the welcomed silence, I walked to the only sound of the passing cars. I pulled out to join them to see the traffic signals were working so it’s just Colonial Place that is dark.

Luckily it’s not THAT HOT, yet

Doing my usual traffic avoidance path I arrived at the local hardware store. “Hello” was the welcome at the door after I got past the guy in the parking lo walking back and forth in apparent confusion with pointed hedge clippers in his hand. I had waited for him to decide his direction and only after he decided his shoestring was the problem and stopped to tie it, did I pass.

Viewing the variety of water hoses the prices range became the deciding factor. Why pay forty dollars to carry water 50 feet when a ten-dollar hose will do the same? Luckily the hardware store had electricity so I could acquire the hose. Check hose off the list.

Once home again, there was still no power.

Putting on a headphone radio, I had to adjust from classical to classic rock due to signal strength. Sitting by the pond I apologized to the fish that the pump was not working but they are tough dudes and will make it through this.

As I sat writing this mess with pen and paper, I watched the yard critters. They all continued about their regular daily activities. They do not notice that there is no electricity. Chipmunks are walking up to my feet without fear. Gray squirrels are taking a naps overhead in the crooks of the trees. Cardinals land on branches within reach and continue their search for food and companionship.

If we paid more attention to nature maybe won’t worry so much when the television show was canceled or the movie didn’t arrive on time or the email was not returned.
The food can rot in the refrigerator and the computer and TV and lights can stay black.

It’s all back now. Bright lights and loud fans, but a few moments of peace are also nice.

And it's hard to believe I have had 400 thoughts and something to say about them.

Put on the list, tomorrow clean the pump for the little orange guys.


LoveBug said...

You are a busy boy!!

Art said...

Why pay forty dollars to carry water 50 feet when a ten-dollar hose will do the same?

Because in my experience, the $10 hose needs to be replaced next year and the $50 hose lasts 10 years...