Friday, June 4, 2010

Marking Your Territory

Watching the animal world, you note how each species marks their territory. The territories might me miles or a small patch of ground. Some animals chase away intruders while other just mark their land with bodily fluids.

These zones are conquered and clearly marked by an owner. Some visitors are allowed to enter without confrontation to create a group.

These zones are normally arranged around food and home. Babies are violently protected yet supplies of food will be shared.

Some zones are invaded by outside predators where occupants gather to battle the intruder. The layers of the intensity will change in an instant. The crows will chase away the hawks, then the blue jay will chase the crows.

The smaller and weaker creatures use cover to hide and wait for the conflict to subside.

For the others in the animal world, we mark our territories with maps and engineers surveying borders marking it with flags and marks on the ground and publishing visions of territories separated by foliage or fences.

These territories are acquired or just borrowed for a time for people to live in a space in safe contemplation.

The animal world follows food and moves on with the season, yet we stay in our comfortable structures of wood surrounded by our every want within easy reach.

Excuse me but I have to go out and pee on the sidewalk to mark my territory.

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