Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Clowning Around

Laughter is contagious. It indicates fun, happy experiences, and the joyful company of others.

Laughter can be a mild amusement, a titter, giggle, chuckle, scoff, or fall out roll over belly guffaw.

To have the ability to make others laugh is a gift we all strive for. There are standup comedians, movies, television series, pictures, music and the Sunday comics that all try to make the rest of us laugh.

But the clown is the most notable figure associated with laughter.

A clown is a silly, foolish, playful figure that would do anything to make others laugh. A clown’s sole purpose is to create laughter.

A clown can wear outrageous outfits or simple attire. A clown can speak or use pantomime to create laughs.

Clowns have been thought of as buffoons, fools, zany, and even dimwitted, but they sat by kings and queens.

To be a clown, and fool around, tell a joke and make someone else laugh rewards a clown with pleasure and attention.

There is always a class clown or the office joker. They are invited to parties to guarantee good cheer.

Since I am not handsome or talented or sports-minded or rich or smart or famous, I had to become a jester.

Have a good laugh.


TripleG said...

Before CarrotTop's famous props, you carried around your Fun Bag, during the 1024 Franklin era. There was always something new and hilarious in it (the rubber chicken rotted away years ago).
A wandering jester minstrel, the reincarnation of Bertran de Born, without doubt. The magic bag whispered its secret: life wasn't just all work, obligation, grim duty. Let's laugh with the clowns!

Art said...

To those you know well... well we saw the face behind the red nose.