Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daily Questions

Things happen without any explanation or reason. Take this for example.

Most of us have some sort of liquid in the morning, usually in our familiar morning mug.
We slush down the liquid without thinking about it. We put covers on the travel mugs and place them in our mobile machines to slurp while driving.

But what would you do if this happened?

You are sipping when suddenly there is something hard and crunchy in your mouth.

It could be something that crawled into the cup unnoticed or leftover liquid that hardened overnight. The object feels like when you are sticking your head out of a car window traveling down the highway with your mouth open and catch a bug.

Do you...

1. Gag and spit it out, spilling your mug and distracting your driving to create a multi-car accident. (Remember to save the object for evidence to show the police when they have you up on the side of their car)

2. Chew it up and swallow what ever it is, then take a big slurp to wash it down.

3. Spit it back in the mug, gently place the rest of the liquid and the foreign object back in your cup holder, open a beer and wash your mouth out.

So many options, so many decisions.

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