Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doctor D

I went to see Doctor D
and asked him, "What is wrong with me?"
Give me an x-ray and see what you see
or give a shot to me that will make me feel free
would you give me the pill that I saw on TV
So tell me what Doctor D
What is it that wrong with me?

So I went up to see Doctor B
to asked him, "What is wrong with me?"
Did I pull of a muscle or get a bite from a bee
Did I touch something dirty that got into me
Give me a cup and looked at my pee
So tell me your thought Doctor B
What is it that you think is wrong with me?

Next I waited to see Doctor V
to ask him, "Was there anything wrong with me?"
He put a light in my face so I couldn't even see
He picked up a hammer and beat on my knee.
then he scribbled a note and asked for a fee
So I left the office of Doctor V
still wondering what was happening to me?

The next stop was to see Doctor C
I told him I've already seen three
I showed him the diagnosis to see if he agreed
All the papers and notes from Doctor D, B, and V
"So what is my problems?" I asked Doctor C
I said, "I can see no real problem, so it must me just me"
So I'm still wondering what is wrong with me?

So off I went to see Doctor T
Wanting to see what he could see
He pulled out machines and stuck wires and plugs in me
With lights flashing bright on a screen like a TV
He gave me a cup but by now I'm empty
He gave me a prescription of drinking Green tea.
So maybe there's noting wrong with me.

At last I went to ask Doctor Z
if he could find anything wrong with me
He said he would give lots of examinations to see
The test were expensive, but life isn't free
and like the others agreed, there maybe nothing wrong with me
So Doctor Z, and T, and C, and D, and B all got their fee
But I'll not be going to see Doctor P.

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"I Got the AARP Blues"