Friday, September 3, 2010

Now What?

OK, here is another situation to solve.

The toilet seat is up and you are changing rolls when the new roll falls into the water.

What do you do?

So here is the situation. A new clean roll of toilet paper is floating in the bowl and the options are complicated.

Did you flush before the roll fell in?
Should you flush now?
Will that clog up the new porcelain bowl?

1. Reach in and pull out the dripping roll, throw it away and gag while washing your hands in bleach.

2. Reach in and pull out the dripping roll, and wait for it to dry out, then place it on the roll.

3. Wait for the entire roll to dissolve and hope it doesn't clog up when you do flush.

4. Go to the neighbors bathroom and never return to your own.


TripleG said...

Now if you had dropped that sandwich in the toilet bowl...

Cheryl said...

As a mother who has dipped her hands in many a mess, I would fish it out and move on without a second thought (after I cuss a little bit).