Tuesday, December 28, 2010

20 Things That Became Obsolete in the Past Decade.

1. VCR and VHS tapes
2. Travel Agents
3. Separation between work and personal life
4. Forgetting
5. Book Stores
6. Watches
7. Phone Sex
8. Maps
9. Calling
10. Classifieds in newspapers
11. Dial-up Internet
12. Encyclopedias
13. CDs
14. Land Line Phones
15. Catalogs
16. Fax
17. ME
18. Handwritten letters
19. Film
20. Address Books

obsolete: no longer in use, outmoded in design.


LoveBug said...

I don't agree with #17. I think you're better than ever :)

Anonymous said...

I can argue against all of them except Classifieds. Hell, maybe you just should have said Newspapers. In any event, 17 has a long way to go before obsolescence. Miles to go before you sleep, mofo...down to Lauderdale...