Saturday, December 18, 2010

Are We Having Fun Yet?

During the most stressful or painful times, I ask this question.

“Are We Having Fun Yet?”


That time during your life when all was fine and there were no problems or troubles to disturb the act of living.
As we were when we were children, to run and play with wild abandon, no worries to interrupt the excitement of life.

Is this the way our time is suppose to be?

The thought came up the other day while feasting on herbs and spices washed down by the celebration of heat.

Quiet conversation and silliness excused by the season and dead presidents. Even though she left some of her clothing, I think it was a break in her family dynamic. Hopefully the occasion was FUN.

So why do we call living WORK?

Would we suffer to wake up in the morning and say we were going to have “FUN”?

Sure there are processes to follow to accomplish the anticipated results, but why can’t it be fun?

We know how to do the processes. We understand the requirements and expectations from the company that pays us to perform this task. We have a good team assisting in this activity, so why don’t we call it “FUN”?

Do we worry about how others perceive us or do we just lose the joy of life?

Perhaps I’m tainted by working in a creative community viewed as unusual and accepted for odd behavior. We were allowed to have fun.

So while the season and the following winter darkness cloaks the spirit, find something that make you smile.

And have some FUN. 8^)


Anonymous said...

Did YOU have fun?

Cheryl said...

Rusty asked the important question.