Monday, December 20, 2010

You Are What You Eat

So last night I had an $8.00 steak, which is very unusual for me, but I had to. Earlier in the year, I had a steak that almost killed me, so I wanted to know was it the meat or did someone try to poison me? Cutting small bites and being careful to chew, I seemed to survive. If not I wouldn't be writing this.

Later that evening immense in dreams, I realized that the food I ate channeedl my unconscious thoughts.

That night was the usual journey searching for something, but this time, I think due to the red meat, it was a high class adventure.

Wandering through an upscale restaurant, this time fully clothed or at least not worrying about that, I was still befuddled by the mass of people cluttering my path. There is always a search going on and I never reach the goal, but I think it is the seeking that is important.

I remember talking to a former work colleague about the brown walls (I guess I do dream in color) while walking down some weird steps that were half steps and half ramps covered in plush carpet.

Now if I just have a sandwich or some popcorn for dinner, I may dream of dark gray warehouses with Latino tunes and open fires in the streets, but if I have a thick diet of junk food I wander off into a stupor of oblivion with no conscious thought of dreams.

It's funny how that works.

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if it was the marinade that affected you, or maybe it was too rare for you... No matter what, next time, it won't be steak.