Monday, April 25, 2011

Black Socks

OK, ladies, you can take a break. This is for guys only.

Try and remember those clothes you wore when you were younger. Yeah, those funky t-shirts bought by your parents at the theme park that you had to wear to school or those weird pink and black suits that fit in with the time, but were only a cover for a brief moment.

Looking back at black and white pictures of captures in time, there are the shirts and pants and shoes that feels familiar as if I wore them today.

I can feel the texture and the buttons and the closures of the coats and shirts worn without chosen but with a pattern of similarity to others in the schools and occasions bringing like minded families together.

Of course we all shopped at the sames stores and followed the same trends in fashion, but some had more money than others, so the appearance had to adjust to the presentation.
Where the kackes pleated? Was the shirt button down and starched? Was there a loop in the back of the collar?

Looking at photos more than remembering the time, you remember the feel of the clothing. The correctness of the shirt, the buckles of the belt, the sway of the boots.

And when we were finally able to buy our own attire, we spent our meger dollars on outrageous fabulous, ill fitting and in-appropriate for community viewing, but it just felt right.
As we grew, we also learn the language of the time.

The jargon of the jobs and the associates became our daily conversation that no-one else knew.
So I look at the black socks in the drawer and wonder. What will become of these. They were only bought for the formal wear with suits and shoes shined and stretchered out occasions where the proper attire was required.

Much like the conversations learned to blend with the others in the world, we adjust to wearing black socks.

And now, what will I do with them?


Art said...

Wear 'em to weddings, funerals, and graduations. They also make good polishing cloths

Rus Wornom said...

Great for making politically incorrect sock puppets.