Saturday, April 30, 2011

Immovable Object

There it sits. Every day for the past two years, I have ridden by this immovable object and wonder.

Why is this object that was constructed and sold to carry people and their possessions to far off adventures just sit there?

It sits there every morning, it sits there in the afternoon, it sits there in the evening, and even late at night it just sits there.

There doesn’t seem to be any mechanical issues with this large piece of metal and it appears the rain or wind keeps it overall look clean. It has it’s own parking space and never seems to crowd out the other vehicles that come and go.

It is the only mobile machine in the neighborhood that never moves. Others change colors, size and an even model, but this one just sits there.

Like some of us who are adventures, travelers, wanderers must be on the move seeking what is outside our realm of sight, but some of us are settlers. Some, who stay in one place, started businesses, build buildings, form governments, raise crops to feed others and are quiet content not to move on.

Perhaps this is what has happened here? Perhaps this vehicle found a good spot and just decided to sit there? Kind of like me.

But it will stay a familiar landmark, until the day either it or I won’t be there. Until then, see you tomorrow.

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