Saturday, April 16, 2011

What could you do on a rainy day?

Well, it is going to rain all day, so what "indoor" projects will I attempt to accomplish?

Could check the stereo to make sure the cassette player and DVD/CD player are plugged in correctly? Could check the light bulb upstairs to see if I need to call the electrician again next week? Could put the new D-cell battery in the guitar? Could plug the guitars into the black box amp with the speakers to see if that works right after having it for two years and never taking it out of the box? Could go to the store and get some beer?! Could wash the laundry getting moldy in the machine since it is Saturday? Could vacuum with that new shop vac with all that horse power? Could record some more tracks on "Interruption" like you intended? Could cook a pizza? Could make the roasted chicken, steamed veggies and whole wheat noodles you have the ingredients for? Could finish patching the upstairs walls? Could put primer on the patches? Could fix the chair? Could put rollers on the wicker chair and see if that works? Could take a nap? Could take out the trash? Could wash the book shelves you've moved up stairs and put the remainder of the books away? Could draw some of the ideas you had this morning about places on Carytown? Could go to the record store between the drops? Could take down some more shelves in the kitchen? Could scrap the ceiling? Could move the baskets upstairs? Could crawl under the house and turn the water on? Could make up the bed that looks like a tornado came through? Could put up the smoke alarms? Could polish the guitars? Could waste some time watching tall guys in baggy shorts run around on a polished wood floor? Could put away winter clothes? Could sand the walls with the windows down? Could put in that new window sash? Could determine if I lost any files on the PC? Could wash the kitchen floor? Could patch the stairs? Could write a list of things you could do on a rainy day?


TripleG said...

I zonked out on the sofa. I commend your industriousness.

Art said...

put up the smoke alarms!