Sunday, April 10, 2011

Selective Memory

Was it what she said or how she said it?

People change but memories stay the same.

No, not really. People do change from life experiences. Some keep their internal values while others waffle to the whims of the times and the surroundings.

And memories, either good or bad, are etched into our gray matter and can be sparked by the slightest cause. Perhaps a sound or smell or taste or just an inner feeling will bring back a different time and place.

But memories are embellished through time. The good times are remembered and the bad times are tried to be buried, only to show up as nightmares.

Memories will not go away.

Looking at old photos can show occasions long forgotten. Yet another point of view by one who remembers the photo at a different angle in life can flood the brain with thoughts still dusty with time.

As time moves on the dust will gather on the memories and fade the times somewhat cherished yet far, far away.

What was it she said? Oh, I remember.

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TripleG said...

She probably said, Touch that again and I'll break your arm!