Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chewing Air

It is a strange phenomenon to find out certain aspects of yourself that you don’t realize.

The other day while riding I found myself chewing air.
Now I concentrate on my breathing, which is one of the reasons for the daily exercise, but this was different.

Not the long inhales through the nose and exhales through the mouth to get the brain active. Not the panting up the hill trying to catch another heart beat.

This was different.

I was riding along with a care and I was chewing air.

Finding this strange action puzzling, I began to wonder why I was doing this.

I wasn’t tired so that didn’t cause this action.

I wasn’t blowing out words even to an invisible conversation.

I wasn’t grinding my teeth nervously.

I was chewing.

Chewing without gum.

Just a chewing movement of my jar to no particular pace.

After several days of noticing this action, I started to become aware of other eccentricities that I seem to have.

When walking through the grocery aisles, I sing a song to myself. Lately or at least I’ve just noticed it, I’m halfway singing out loud. Perhaps it keeps the other shoppers entertained. Perhaps it gets them to move out of my way.

I take it as a sign that I’m content, even happy.

I recall singing to myself years ago but I either stopped or hadn’t noticed myself doing it.

Sometimes being by yourself, you get to find out the little things that make you unique.

Wonder what else I’ll find?

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Art said...

"other eccentricities that I seem to have"
Hahahah, I daresay that you are a walking / talking mass of eccentricities, dude. I know I am.