Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Wanna Be Free


We all proclaim to want to be free, but do we really.

We all come into this world free, but not for long.

Immediately we are forced to feed at a certain time and wrapped in a cloth that will collect our poop that may at some point be replaced.

As we grow up through life we take orders, work schedules, wake up and go to sleep at specific times, buy items we really don’t want only to look like we are associated with the surroundings, attend ceremonies binding us to others, procreate in our early lives to match our neighbors, complain about the restrictions of our companions, then get old losing our ability to enjoy our freedom.

Maybe we don’t really want to be free?

Otherwise, we would all run around like children in a park, without a care, full of laughter and joy.

Don’t let the butterfly get away.

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