Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Innocent or Naïve?

You go to a party. Everyone there seems friendly enough and similar to your family and friends so it is easy to fit in. You go to the bar for an excuse to talk and scan the room for a familiar face.
This is a typical weekend activity. It maybe a special occasion or a local drinking establishment but it is easier to mingle when you have a friend or at least a wingman.
Once the essential questions about family, health, travel and work the conversations wanders to celebrities or books or entertainment or even politics to share or promote your opinion. This is how we make friends. Those who laugh at our jokes and agree at our opinions are easier to continue sharing space with.
There are many categories like Politics, Business, Entertainment, Technology, Media, World Events, Healthy Living, Comedy, Lifestyles, Sports, Science, Celebrity, and Religion for people to talk about. These subjects and every variation are all over with constant comments from friends and strangers to view or read or hear and even more opinionated talking heads out in the world to persuade. It is a lot to take in and absorb.
But what if you have no idea of what the other person is talking about? Without the desire to be part of the “in” crowd one can lose track of all those conversation subjects.  If none of the provincial followings create an interest, you don’t get the jokes.
Is it a sign of innocence or a naïveté to ignore the current trends and just follow what others say? If the person you listen to is interesting in their presentation or with a trusted opinion you can formulate what is important without wasting all the time watching or reading or listening or following all the crap that makes up today’s media. 
Instead of worrying about Lynsay whatsamawhosit going to rehab or why Johnny whoseamacallit is caught up in the latest stupidity or even understanding the latest SNL takeoff because you have never seen the original. It may cut down on your replies to the remarks but it allows time to understand what the other is really saying.
So until I find a new interest or a sparkle of desire, I’ll listen to what you say and smile.

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Art said...

Interesting. I figure that I am old and therefore can be eccentric. While I'll smile, I also (have to) spend enough time with people so that I've no problem, sneaking away early and being alone, or with my few true pals.