Sunday, May 12, 2013

Unhappy Mother’s Day

On this special day, I wonder why there isn’t a Son’s Day or a Daughter’s Day? I mean there are a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day and even though they were not 9 months apart and they should be. You don’t need a Grandfather’s Day or a Grandmother’s Day because the Mom and Pop days cover that. But us kids had to deal with whoever brought us into this world.
I had a mother. You had a mother. All my friends have mothers. If not you would not be reading this.
Most of us have one but some have two mothers. A birth mother and an adopted mother maybe a bonus or a lost. Some of us even have a second mother from a friend whose mother took you into their family and treated you like a son.

Those photos of women holding babies, they have a different look on their face. Not like looking at a brother and a sister or even a mother or a husband, it is a special look. The look of a mother is different than anything else. These ladies transform when they become mothers. Some are equipped to handle the burden and some are not.
There is something special in the female of our species that wants for this maternal behavior. Perhaps it is environmental or something in the DNA but I’ve not ever been there and will never understand.

So after a couple proclaims to the state that they will live together forever and the state allows the union, the next question is “when are you going to raise a family?”  The cultural formula of kissing in a tree, then comes love, and then come marriage, then come mother with a baby carriage. A woman is pressured to show she is fertile and become acceptable in the mother-mode society. The father struts around proud handing out cigars to show how viral he is.

But it always doesn’t happen that way.

I may have had another brother that I never knew about. Even though this subject is volatile and creates strong emotions, this is part of reality of growing up.
When the word “Pregnant” arises, life-changing decisions must be made. To some it is a blessing and yet to others it is not. Factors like age, financial ability, and even the knowledge and commitment to the other person are all questioned.  To start a family is a massive responsibly.
Only recently and with much discussion was a procedure readily available for averting a family. Not covered by medical plans but better than the back street option, clinics offered an alternate solution to a possible mistake.
I’m not promoting or demoting this option but motherhood with all it’s rewards and warm fuzzy feelings comes with puking and dirty diapers, bad school grades and hospital visits, dating and camps and the driving experience. Some women seem to adore the situations while others deal with the necessary. Then there are some who should not go that route.
Mothers can be proud of their offspring and even guarantee there will always be someone to run to for help. That is until the help needs help. Mothers can be just as frustrating as the rest of us.
So I wish a happy Mother’s Day to all of you who survive the experience of motherhood. I appreciate the effort you must put in to raise us gnarly kids.
Yet, every ejaculation does not have a name.

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